Derby love

So, let’s talk about roller derby for a second.  I just finished my rookie year and I can’t wait for the season to begin this fall.  Had a great practice last night- helping our amazing travel team prepare for an invitational this weekend in St. Louis.  Good luck, ladies!

Derby has been such a force in my life.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that my home team won the championship this year.  Our trophy:

There’s just something incredible about a bunch of women from all walks of life owning and operating a huge venture in order to play a full-combat sport.  Derby has made such an impact on my life that I even got my first ink to commemorate the sport, the Detroit Derby Girls league, and my home team, the D-Funk Allstars.

Our league logo is a women sitting in a martini glass (wearing roller skates), which you can kinda see in the trophy pic above.  Because my derby name, The Mad Hatcher, evokes the character of the tea-obsessed Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, I had the idea to do an image of our mascot, Olive, inside a tea cup.  The tattoo artist, Luke Worley of Artfuel, Inc. in Wilmington, NC, took that idea and ran with it.  Lime green is our team color, and our logo is a star, so I did ask him to include those elements, but the rest was all him.  I was so impressed with the artwork that my idea for a tattoo that would only cover a couple square inches of my body soon became a piece that covered almost my entire calf.  And I am so very pleased with the outcome.  When I asked Luke to include the Detroit, Old-English “D” in the design, he asked me, “wouldn’t you like a more feminine ‘D’?”  My answer: No way.


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