Reunion with friends = an excuse to bake a pie

So, my husband and I went on the road this weekend back to our home state of West Virginia to meet up with old friends.  They’re some of my favorite people and I’m so happy that each year we always reserve a weekend out of our busy schedules to get together.

So, on Thursday, what better way to distract myself from dissertation writing and prepare for the trip than to bake a peach pie?  I used some great looking Bellaire peaches from the farmer’s market and an Emile Henry pie dish that I received as a gift for my wedding and only use for special occasions.

I used a crust recipe from called “The Best-Ever Pie Crust Recipe.”  And I think it lived up to its name.

I had never made a lattice crust before, but have always wanted to.  My husband and I have been watching the show “Pushing Daisies” lately, and seeing all of those beautiful latticed pies in every episode inspired me to finally take the plunge.  It was actually pretty simple, with some patience.  And it turned out much better than I anticipated!

Here are some shots of the finished pie (you’re supposed to put pies by the window to cool, right?).  It got rave reviews from my pals in WV.

And of course, I had to make the pie/casserole caddy from One Yard Wonders (pattern called “Hey, Hot Dish”) to carry the pie in!  Used fabric I had stashed away.

Here’s the finished product!

I gave the pie caddy to my friend Melissa as a thank you gift because she and her husband Danny are so kind to host us bunch of hooligans every year.  As always, the weekend was incredible.  Missing everyone already.


One thought on “Reunion with friends = an excuse to bake a pie

  1. I miss you already, too! This pie was fabulous and now I have to bake a pie so I can use the fabulous pie caddy! Thank you so much!

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