CN Power!

Tomorrow morning my husband and I are heading to Toronto for our much-belated honeymoon.  In preparation, I skimmed over one of Toronto’s weekly publications, NOW, and discovered that Toronto Roller Derby’s premier travel team, CN Power, is playing a doubleheader bout this weekend in Toronto!  Minutes later, I had procured tickets.  Excited for travels, and to see some derby in another country!

Also, I’ve been hearing about Cardinal Skate Co. in Toronto, a skate shop that actually has a selection of products for roller derby (most skate shops are usually just for skateboarding).  So, I’ll definitely be checking that out in the hope of finding some new skates for my birthday that’s in a month or so.  (Dear readers, birthday gifts in the form of money donations for skates will be accepted with smiles, excitement, and much gratitude).

Our B-level travel team for Detroit Derby Girls, called the Motor City Disassembly Line, will be playing a different Ontario team, the Tri-City Roller Girls, in late September.  Roster is being determined soon and I hope I’m on it!


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