Guest spot: Mom’s galette

My mom called yesterday and asked, “do you know what a galette is?”  She had made one and sent me a beautiful picture of this yummy looking dessert, so I had to post it.  It is quite appropriate to do a tribute post to my mom on here since she is the one who patiently and enthusiastically helped me cultivate a love of baking.  When I was a kid, my idea of a fun Saturday was to pick the most difficult item from the dessert section of the cookbook (eclairs, crepes) and spend the whole day trying to make it.  Yeah, I’m a dork.  And my mom would take me to the store to purchase the ingredients and be on call all day to answer questions about measurements, recipes, and techniques.  Thanks, mom.  And I hope you plan on making this galette again when I come for a visit, because it looks very tasty!


2 thoughts on “Guest spot: Mom’s galette

  1. And just think it all started with that cutting edge middle school Home Economics class – everything you can think of made from canned biscuits!

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