Back from Toronto!

Settling back in after an awesome trip to Toronto, and have many things to share!  First off, if you ever go to Toronto, you have to check out The Workroom .  It’s the coolest space, and the owner has an awesome blog too.  The fabric selection at The Workroom was incredible and I invested most of my vacation spending money on fabric there.  First of all, I have looked online everywhere for fat quarters of Alexander Henry’s Ghastlies line, and have had no luck.  But no worries because The Workroom had plenty of them for sale!  So exciting.  I selected a few and plan to make a Halloween quilt around them next year.

Here is an closer shot of one of the prints.  So Edward Gorey-inspired and I love it.

While I’m at it, here are some other fabrics I picked up at The Workroom.  Some heavyweight fabric- a couple of Denyse Schmidt’s design, and a Japanese fabric.

And then I got a few other prints to go with an orange Heather Ross Mendocino print (the one with the octopi on it) that I’ve been hoarding.

I also purchased some Kona cotton fat quarters to fill in a spectrum of colors that I’m using in a quilt for my husband, but I’m gonna post up about that another day!

Finally, I had the chance to see some awesome derby while I was in Toronto.

Toronto Roller Derby’s travel team, CN Power, played Queen City’s Lafe Effect Furies.  I always love seeing derby design ideas because the grassroots nature of roller derby teams seems to lend itself to an edgy design aesthetic that appeals to me.  Here are logos for a few of ToRD’s home teams:

CN Power didn’t manage to pull it against the Furies, but everyone seems happy to head to the afterparty.

So, Toronto = hanging out with the husband, great crafts, and awesome derby.  Makes for a pretty nice little trip.


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