Muffy’s helmet

When I started doing roller derby, I noticed all of the fancy designs on people’s helmets.  Most had adorned their helmets with stickers, some had ordered pricey decals.  I thought, why can’t I just get some paint and design my own helmet?  So, I hit up Michaels for some acrylic enamel paint, and went to town.  Since then, I’ve had a few admirers (yay!) and recently had one of the ladies in my league ask if I could paint her name on the back of her helmet because the stickers she was using kept peeling off every time she took the jammer helmet covers off and on.  This was the result:

Because Muffy’s name connotes a mafia persona, I chose a font a Godfather-style font called Corleone.   Muffy expressed an interest in incorporating the logo from The Sopranos in the design as well, so I added the gun icon on each side of the name in gold.

I’ve got more helmet orders on the horizon, so I’ll be posting those designs as well…and maybe some of my own, which is still, unsurprisingly, a work in progress.


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