sunbeams and mug rugs

I was as happy as a cat luxuriating in a sunbeam today when another little package of fabric arrived in the mail.  Thanks so much to my mom, grandma, and Casey for birthday money so I could add to my collection of the now out of print Mendocino line by Heather Ross.  Here’s are some other shots of this glorious collection of octopi, mermaid, seahorses, and squids in wonderful colorways:

In other news, I made my first mug rugs this weekend.

Mug rugs are tiny little quilts that are a bit bigger than a coaster so they can accommodate your morning cup of tea plus a little snack.  I know.  I hate the term “mug rug” too.  Casey suggested “quiltlet” as an alternative, which is considerably cuter.  While I don’t like the term, I love the concept.  And I’m making a bunch of them as holiday gifts.  Here are the first two:

The first is made almost exclusively of Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane line with white Kona cotton sashing.  The backing is HB’s Pop Garden in Pineapple Brocade and little bit of aqua Kona.

The second is from Alexander Henry’s Ghastlies line.  It may seem a little odd to you that I’m making a Halloween-themed  gift for a Christmas present, but the recipient is a fellow lover of Halloween who, like me, feels that the celebration of this particular holiday should not be limited to one day per year.

They were so much fun to make- the piecing and fabric selection fun of quiltmaking without all of the work!   More to come!

Finn approves.


8 thoughts on “sunbeams and mug rugs

  1. Thanks so much, everyone! Melissa, we should have a quiltlet weekend some time. And Judy, that is truly a compliment. It has taken much practice to tackle those darn corners!

  2. Laura, that’s so funny because my one of my other ginger friends (Erin- you met her at the Indian restaurant) has a particular affinity for Finn too. And he’s a pretty shy cat but he always comes right up to her. I think Finn has a preference for redheads. You’ll have to come over some time so we can further test that theory!

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