Pumpkin pie + cupcake = Thanksgiving miracle

It was a little quiet around here this year without our usual Thanksgiving company (my mom and our friends Karen and James), but Casey and I have managed to have a really nice Thanksgiving.  While Casey worked all morning, I slaved away in the kitchen preparing a most delightful meal.  


We had quite a few delicious dishes, including sweet potato casserole,

caramel apple pie (yeah, I made this yesterday and we couldn’t resist cutting into it last night),

and I even went to Trader Joe’s and bought Casey his very own half of a roasted turkey.


But the star of the show was the pumpkin pie in a cupcake.  Now, I’m a fan of all things cupcake, so when I saw this recipe, I knew what I’d be making for Thanksgiving dessert.

You make these tasty little treats by first baking tiny pumpkin pies:


Then you sink them into the middle of some delicious vanilla cream cheese cupcake batter:

Finally, you bake them up and smother them in cinnamon cream cheese buttercream frosting ( I couldn’t find cinnamon chips so I just made the cream cheese buttercream and added cinnamon- so heavenly):

And voila!

Please, go to the store now, purchase some cupcake ingredients, and start cooking.  You will thank me.  I’ve had a lot of cupcakes in my day, and this tops them all.

Now, I will join Harper and Finn in cozyland.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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