I’ve been eating some delicious things lately, and I thought I’d share a few pics.

I made an apple-cheddar-squash soup last week that was pretty delicious:

The soup wasn’t quite as flavorful as I wanted, so I increased the amount of sage and added a little bit of beer.  I served it with cornbread which made everything extra-tasty.

Also, I’ve been making granola a lot lately, and this is a granola / yogurt / blueberry parfait.  I’ve eaten this for breakfast for the last 5 days and I’m still not tired of it.

Finally, have you had a Hammond’s lollipop before?  They are gorgeous and quite scrumptious.  We ordered some orange and black ones for our wedding, and I picked this one up over the holidays as a gift to myself…sugar plum…mmm…

And anyone who enjoys papercrafts might like this little Yeti calendar that Jessica posted up on her How About Orange blog last week.  I made this little fella a few nights ago and he sits in my window cheering me on as I work on this dissertation!

Coming up: roller derby quilt block and belated holiday gifts!


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