A few more holiday items

I’m notorious for getting handmade items out to friends and family very late.  One example of this is the placemats, napkins, and potholders I started for my dear friends Sarah and Danny a billion years ago to celebrate their wedding:


This was my first foray into the world of hexagons and paper-piecing, and I must say it was quite time-consuming, but very rewarding.  Here are the napkins and potholders (as you can see, hexagon-free!):

This picture came out a little dark, but I just thought it was so cute how Phoebe really wanted to get in on the crafty photoshoot.


Another project I finished over the weekend was a collection of nightgowns for my niece and her three American Girl dolls.  Yes…three.

That gal loves pink, so I pushed against my Women’s Studies teachings and bought some bright pink flannel with a star print.

I did use black bias tape in protest, though.  🙂  Those sleeves gave me fits at first, but they were pretty easy to whip up once I got going.  Hope she likes them!


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