hexagon love

While finishing up the hexagon placemats for my friends Danny and Sarah, I was inspired to try hexagons again.  These little guys require so much work, but I just love making them.  This time I just did a few in a mug rug for my Aunt Judy.  I wanted to see what Anna Marie Horner’s Innocent Crush fabrics looked like in hexagon form.

I threw some linen in to make the bold colors of the fabric stand out.  Pretty happy with the result and now I’m hooked!

Here’s the back (nothing fancy):

Thanks to my aunt for all of her support.  There’s no way I’d be sewing so much and tackling such large projects without her help!


8 thoughts on “hexagon love

  1. Molly, thanks for the kind words. The mug rug is even more gorgeous in person…the colors and those hexagons!!! Not one pucker. Looks like you’re a pro at hexagons. And the linen does make the fabrics really stand out. I’ve always wanted to make a hexagon quilt (Grandmother’s Flower Garden) but have been afraid too which makes the mug rug even more special. Do I see a hexagon lesson in my future…please?

  2. So glad you like it!!! I would love to make a hexagon quilt too. Let’s definitely have a hexagon party next time we’re together. We can work on hexies while the rest of the family does macrame. 🙂

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