One of my derby buddies, Amy (derby name “Kara Thrash” — look at her chocolate dreidels featured on the Craft blog!), came by yesterday to show me the art of making whoopie pies (originally called “gobs,” which I sort of prefer), and I gave her a beginning quilting lesson.  So much fun!  Here is Amy doing her very first machine quilting ever!

Here is her work in progress, a supercool mug rug in shades of purple:


Amy was a seriously quick learner, so I spent some time working on a baby quilt for my cousin Lily Marie, who was born last week!  Finn decided to nap on one of the quilt blocks.


While we worked away on quilting projects, our delicious pumpkin whoopie pies baked up nicely.  We added some crease cheese frosting, and voila!

I’m seriously eating them for every meal.  The recipe is from this awesome book.  Amazon screwed up and gave Amy an extra copy, and she gave it to me!  What an awesome parting gift for such a fun afternoon of making things.  Thanks, Amy!


4 thoughts on “Crafternoon!

  1. They are so delicious. I’m definitely making some for you next time you visit! She made oatmeal ones for practice last week and they were so good too. So many great flavor combinations.

  2. Chocolate Whoopie Pies were a treat when I was growing up. I haven’t made any in probably 15 years, but I always buy couple when I visit Bev.

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