The Forthcoming Samuel

Samuel’s birth is imminent and I had so much fun making a quilt for him.  I sent it to his lovely soon-to-be parents, Danny and Sarah, yesterday.

When I think of my dear friends Danny and Sarah, I think of playfulness and whimsy, of joy and nurturing…and what better way to express that in fabric form than Heather Ross’ Macaroni Love Story line.  It features Heather’s characteristic minimalist drawings, this time of macaroni necklaces, clothespin people, god’s eyes, and newspaper boats.

I featured a different image in the center of each square, and then complimented them with some prints, like Amy Butler’s Full Moon Polka Dots in tangerine and a light grey gingham, as well as some Kona solids.

I backed the quilt in a gorgeous grey Michael Miller polka dot print chosen by my husband (he didn’t even grumble too much when I requested that he come in the fabric store and help me choose) and did the binding in Kona cotton turquoise.

This is another quilt I wish I had made in my size and kept for myself.  🙂  But, I was very happy to relinquish it to some of my favorite pals in the world and I hope Samuel drools on it, rolls around on it, and drags it behind him around the house.  Because, really, that’s what baby quilts are for!

To the forthcoming Samuel: may your journey into this world be gentle and kind.


8 thoughts on “The Forthcoming Samuel

    • If I was chasing around a little one I know I wouldn’t sew as much as I do now! Sweet Georgia would be a pretty awesome trade-off for not making as many quilts. 🙂 Any special requests for the pair of quilts I’ll be making in the near future?

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