a little Halloweaster treat

Dear readers, many of you may already know this, but my good pal Alison and I are such devoted fans of Halloween that on top of  celebrating the holiday on its designated day, we also like to fold it into other holidays and celebrate it on those days too…hybridizing those holidays, if you will.  Thus, while Easter approacheth, so does Halloweaster.  And since I was fortunate enough to have Alison as a visitor last night, we took full advantage of our few precious hours together to make a little Halloweaster treat.  I present to you the Halloweaster whoopie pie.

They are vanilla cakes with orange cream cheese frosting.  The fresh orange zest and juice give the pie the taste of fresh springy goodness, and the orange and silver sprinkles create a festive Halloween aesthetic.  We especially liked the gnarly looking one on the right with the silver sprinkles jutting out.

Here is Alison preparing to offer some pies to our faithful taste-testers (notice how she is wearing a beautiful orange blouse with a black cardigan sweater, such appropriate attire).

The recipes in this book have been great thus far, and I love how you can mix and match cake flavors with filling flavors to create the perfect combination for any occasion, including the chillingly eggcelent Halloweaster.


2 thoughts on “a little Halloweaster treat

    • 🙂 We carved a jack-o-lantern out of a watermelon (thusly named jack-o-melon) last year for July 4th. And you should have seen our Nightmare Before Christmas party. The glitter skulls wearing Santa hats were a hit!

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