Broken Face

I was so excited to help lead Detroit Derby Girls’ B-level travel team, the Motor City Dissassembly Line, to victory at Spring Roll on May 14.  It was my first time captaining and my first time ever playing a tournament out of town.  I was quite saddened when an illegal hit to the face in the very first jam of the day left me with a broken nose and no chance of playing for the rest of the tournament.  Here is the medic investigating the injury:

And here is me after almost passing out:

I keep singing the Pixies Song “I’ve got a Broken Face” in my head!  The good news is that I get to play in the DDG home season championship bout on June 4 when my team the DFunk Allstars takes on the Detroit Pistoffs for the title.  The bad news is, I have to wear one of these in order to play:

Yeah.  Pretty sexy, eh?  It’s earned me the new nickname “Hannibal Hatcher.”  MCDL won both games at Spring Roll, and thus won our division of the, who knows?  Maybe the broken nose brings good luck?  But DFunk won’t need good luck on June 4 to take the championship title…we’ve already got the talent, the dedication, and the heart…and don’t forget the glitter.  All guts, all glitter.  That’s the DFunk way.  Come and cheer us on.  I’ll be the weirdo in the mask, knocking down everyone who even thinks about talking about how silly this thing looks.


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