artful friends and family

This is usually a place for me to post about the fruits of my labor.  But I have all of these talented friends and family members, so I’m happy to take a break from showing off my own work to show off theirs.  Recently, I was the lucky recipient of not one, but two art projects and I wanted to share them with my readers.  The first is a painting on three canvases done by my awesome friends Steve and Missy as a holiday gift to me and Casey.  I finally got out the level and hung these bad boys in our living room.

Steve and Missy painted one of my favorite comic book panels of all time (from Watchmen) onto three canvases.  I was so excited when we unwrapped these canvases.  Such an amazing idea.  Here is a close-up of the owl ship:

Another piece of artwork that just made its way on our walls is the beautiful watercolor painting by my mother.  It’s a painting of pies, which is perfect for me because I am a pie-making fool and I come from a family of pie-makers.

She spent so much time finding just the right kinds of pies to paint- the very iconic blueberry with lattice crust, a pumpkin on a pedestal, a partially eaten cherry (a more accurate reflection what pies look like in our house because they don’t stay pristine and uneaten for very long), and the deep-dish caramel apple pie that is one of our favorite family recipes.  Here are some of the pies up close so you can see the great level of detail:

My kitchen is so much happier now!

I’m so lucky to have talented people in my life who like to make things for me.  Now I’m going to go sit in my kitchen and ponder what kind of pies to make this summer.


2 thoughts on “artful friends and family

    • I hung the canvases over the TV. There was that empty space where we tried to hang the shelving. It’s been wanting something for a long time, and these seemed perfect!

      The only problem with the pies in the kitchen is that now I want to bake pies all the time!

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