farmer’s market finds

It’s sour cherry season in Michigan, and I finally had a free Saturday to make that sour cherry pie I’ve been talking about.  Of course, I would choose a Saturday where temperatures reached over 90 degrees to have my oven at 400 for an hour!  Oh well.  It was worth it, without a doubt.

I purchased a $1 cherry pitter from the local home and garden shop and it made pitting much easier.  Here are the lovely little cherries mixed up with all the starches, ready to go into the pie.

There are few things more satisfying to me than making pie crust, a step which most people skip.  The recipe called for a lattice crust.  They are so easy to make, but man they look impressive!

One hour later in my muggy kitchen, this guy was ready to cool on the window sill.


Because my kitchen still wasn’t quite hot enough for my taste, I decided to make some jam with the remaining sour cherries and the quart of strawberries that I also picked up from the market.

Made for a pretty nice little Sunday morning breakfast.


Warm weather and fresh fruit goes pretty quickly here in Michigan, so we’ve gotta take full advantage of it while it lasts.  Happy holiday weekend, everyone!






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