Parisville pillows and a pie

It’s sort of embarrassing that my mom’s birthday was in March and I just gave her this present a week ago!  To be fair, I did give her a little gift back in March, but this was the real deal.  When I first saw Tula Pink’s fabric line Parisville, I knew I had to purchase some and make something for my mom.  We have both talked about traveling to Paris together for years and I hope some day soon I can get over my fear of flying enough to make the trip.  In the meantime, I wanted my mom to have a little taste of Paris in her very own home with these Parisville pillows.

I saw a similar pillow displayed at Tula’s booth from one of last year’s quilt shows.  I used a dresden pattern to create a similar look and made porthole centers to display my favorite print from the line.  I’ve never done anything quite like this before and was really happy with the result!

I also added piping to the top edge, another newly learned skill!

I backed the pillows with solid prints so she could flip them for a different look.

This was a ridiculously fun project because of the challenge.  And working with these fabrics was the most fun.  I never thought of myself as very interested in making pillows, but I may have turned over a new leaf.


Two other quick tidbits…I visited my friends in North Carolina last week, and couldn’t resist when I saw the peaches at the Farmer’s Market.  First peach pie of the year!

My friends had a little party so we could meet all of their local pals, and I think they all wanted me to stick around for the rest of the summer so I could make more pies.  Mission accomplished.

Finally, I returned home to some of my first yields from the garden.  I have tried to grow beets and cucumbers every summer since I moved to Ann Arbor, MI about 5 years ago.  I’ve never had luck…until now!

And there are many more to come!  Gonna go roast up some beets for dinner!




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