Quilts for Twins!

A couple of months ago, my wonderful friend Melissa gave birth to not one but two beautiful babies!  Melissa and her husband Danny are two of my favorite people.  Melissa and I went to law school together and spent many fall Saturdays together, sitting on top of law school hill devising a plan for how to stay sane during law school while the Mountaineers scored touchdowns in the background.  Melissa and I and some of our fellow WVU Law alum (and spouses) get together each summer for a reunion, and the adults are slowly becoming outnumbered by babies and children!

Melissa and Danny’s first daughter, Georgia, is the loveliest little gal, and the recipient of the first quilt that I ever made.  For her new brother and sister, I wanted to keep the designs simple and the colors refreshing.  
















The quilts are unified with a light blue (Lake) Kona cotton background, but then go off on their own colorway tangents.  One features dinosaurs and the other cats (and as a good Women’s Studies instructor I reminded Melissa and Danny that both Ivy and Cody can enjoy both quilts–neither is gender-specific despite the presence of dinosaurs and kitties!), the colors from those prints inspire the coordinating fabrics.





I wanted both quilts to have a little something special, so I backed them with a yellow gingham fabric that used to hang as curtains in my bedroom when I was a little gal!  





I can’t wait to meet Ivy and Cody.  I hope their quilts help them keep warm this cold, snowy winter! 


2 thoughts on “Quilts for Twins!

  1. Molly, the quilts are amazing and now that i know where the backing came from, they are even more special! I immediately appreciated the gender stereotype bending pink edging on the dino quilt –love it! I can’t wait for Ivy and Cody to meet you and Casey. They’ll have many hours if tummy time on their new quilts to tell you about! (Which reminds me it’s almost time to start planning this summer’s reunion!)

    • Yay tummy time!!! And I’m so happy to have friends that don’t mind me playing with the color schemes a little bit! Hope you had a great holiday- and yes, let’s start planning soon! Last year was the most fun!

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