In the works

Thanks to my wonderful grandmother, I was able to stop by one of my favorite fabric stores (Sew to Speak in Columbus, OH) on the way back to Michigan after the holidays and invest in some fabric and a pattern for a new dress.  I’ve been quilting so much that I haven’t made a garment in quite a while, and it was so nice to have holiday money to buy some things I wouldn’t normally buy for myself!

The pattern is Amy Butler’s Anna Tunic, and I’m going with the longer dress option (hits at the calf).  



And I’m making the dress out of Sparkle in Pitch from Amy B’s new line “Lark”.





I haven’t been as into Amy Butler’s last few collections of fabrics because they’re pretty busy for my taste, but the Sparkle print is just simple and retro enough with a little bit of flare (notice the DFunk lime green in there) to be a great print for this dress.  Now if I can just get to the laundromat to prewash my fabric…


7 thoughts on “In the works

    • Fingers crossed! I think the last time I made such an involved garment was in middle school when my mom helped me make shorts-length overalls. They were a lovely pastels floral print. Haha. Totally wore them with one strap off too. Middle school fashion rocked.

  1. I like the pattern and I like the fabric. I’m going to make a suggestion that you make a dress out of cheap muslin to make sure the pattern fits. Jessica recently made a dress with that same kind of neckline and sleeves. I’m taking apart the bodice for the second time because it sticks way out in the back and the sleeves don’t lay right. So sad because the pattern is really cute and I love her fabric.

  2. That is a fantastic suggestion. I actually thought about doing that and now I definitely will. Also, speaking of patterns…the suit pattern is so beautiful. Thank you so much! That skirt is just impeccable. I am so excited to tackle it next.

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