A Warmish Breeze

I finished a quilt for a new baby recently, but it’s been so rainy here that I haven’t had a chance to post photos of it yet.  The sun was out a bit today and there was a warmish breeze, so I figured it was time to get out for a quilt photo shoot.

A while back, I saw the Sparkle Quilt Along on In Color Order.  I usually do simple, modern quilts that don’t require a ton of piecing, but I was instantly in love with this design.  And I thought it would give me the perfect opportunity to work with some of Lizzy House’s fabrics.  I knew the perfect baby to receive such a quilt, the newly born Holden.  This is my dear friend Heather’s second child, and he is the cutest little buddy.  I’ve only seen him in photos and can’t wait to meet him this summer.

I don’t usually do monochromatic quilts for babies, especially ones in colorways more traditionally appropriate for the baby’s gender, but Heather is a girly girl through and through, and I made a pink quilt for her little gal, so I thought Holden’s should be blue.

The fabric was so much fun to work with because the prints are so playful.  And I know it’s getting a little warm for blankets, but I’m hoping Holden can stretch out on it this summer as he begins to grow and take in the world around him.

And speaking of the warmth, my little seedlings are starting to mature!  And the spinach and oregano are in full effect!

Happy to see the sun coming out.


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