New fabric and book!

As you might have suspected, things haven’t been all cupcakes and roses here.  The grieving process is certainly rocky and unpredictable.  But I have been keeping my head up as much as possible, and unexpected acts of kindness and reaching out from friends and family has sustained me.

Just last week, in fact, I received the most thoughtful series of packages from my Aunt Judy!  Judy is, as I have mentioned before, one of my sewing and quilting mentors.  She is so talented and generous, and I have gained so much from her.  The packages arrived last week and I knew from the weight and feel of them that there was fabric inside.  I was so excited to rip into them and discover a layer cake and several larger pieces of Kate Spain’s Good Fortune line.


Such a vibrant and exciting collection!!!  I am so happy to have these fabrics in my stash to draw from for a future quilt.  Judy knows I love the color orange, and the color is generously sprinkled throughout this collection.  I can’t wait to figure out what kind of pattern will best display these fabrics.

And the new book that Judy sent me, The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party, will help me decide!!!


There are such beautiful designs in here, like Sarah’s Book Quilt:


and Jacquie’s quilt “Profit Margins” (you know how I love Dresdens):


I cannot wait to try some of these.  Thank you so much, Aunt Judy, for brightening my week!

The new fabrics cheered my up so much that I finally bit the bullet and purchased a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink’s new line “Nightshade”, which I sort of feel was created just for me.


I mean, just look at those apothecary jars!


The 3 colorways are called Vapor, Evening, and Absinthe!  Yeah, simply perfect.  I can’t wait until they arrive, at which point I will squirrel them away and fret about how to use them.  I keep hoping I will win the lottery so I can buy at least another half yard of each print so I can keep sewing with them for years to come!  Now I just need to save up for fabrics from Alexander Henry’s Ghastlies collection, and I will have the perfect Halloween quilt!

It’s funny how new fabric can lift your spirits.


6 thoughts on “New fabric and book!

  1. Oh my god, Molly! Those fabrics WERE meant for you!!! How exciting!

    I’ve never met your Aunt Judy, but she’s good people. I’m glad you feel bouyed by love and support.

    In September, Cody will let you pinch his cheeks. I’m convinced he stores the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, in them. It’s good stuff!

    Love you and LOVE these fabrics and ideas!

    • Aren’t they perfect?! And Melissa, the mere mention of Cody brings a smile to my face! I cannot wait to meet Cody and his twin sis, and Georgia, as you know, is one of my absolute favorites. I wish we could have 5 reunions every year!!!

  2. Thanks, Molly, for the kind words. They humbled me. We were in VA visiting family/friends over the week-end; i didn’t check any e-mails and read your blog this morning. I love you for who you are and as a quilting buddy. Your quilts inspire me and help me think outside my comfort zone. The Ghastlies collection is so you. IMHO, I think you have to make a quilt for YOU from that collection.

    BTW, I was in the largest quilting store in VA and didn’t buy one piece of fabric; not sure what is wrong with me, but three patterns followed me home.

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