veggies and fruits!

While we all waste away in the sweltering heat, the vegetables continue to thrive.  I snapped a few shots from the garden yesterday.

The first guy is a purple kohlrabi plant.  My dad grew kohlrabi when I was a kid, and this is the first time I’m trying it.  Happy to say the kohlrabi is thriving, a nice tribute to my father’s green thumb which he was happy to pass on to me.  The second is a cucumber vine tendril, followed by a young brandywine tomato that looks like it has a squinty face.  Finally, my largest tomato yet.  I believe it’s a Celebrity.  Can’t wait for it to ripen!


Also, the temperatures finally started to decline a bit this weekend, so I did my annual fruit run to the farmer’s market, where I purchased some peaches and blueberries, supplemented by some store-bought strawberries and raspberries, and made some jam.

I was happy this year to have the help of my good pal Sarah and her son Sam, who is a little over a year old.  They kept such good jam-making company and didn’t mind that I made their kitchen hot!  The first kind we made was a peach strawberry freezer jam.

The second was a mixed berry, which we cooked and canned.

Also, for each batch we split them in half and did half with classic pectin and half with low-sugar pectin to compare taste.  Don’t get me wrong, I love super-sweet jam, but I also enjoy variety.  I’m excited to do the taste test and see which I prefer.


Last but not least, I’ve almost finished a baby quilt for the little-over-a-week-old Peter, my good friend Alison’s baby.  For Alison and I, Halloween is an every day of the year celebration, so I was excited to make Peter a Halloween quilt, even though it is July.  I used some fabrics from Tula Pink’s Nightshade line, and some of my beloved Ghastlies fabrics, filled out with Kona cottons in greys, purples, and aquas.  Here is the stack of rectangles getting ready to become a zig zag quilt.  Just have to quilt and put on a binding, and this quilt will be ready to put in the mail!


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