a dark and stormy quilt for peter, and more veggies!

I finished a quilt for a new little pal, Peter Arthur, who was born just a few weeks ago.  He belongs to my good friends Alison and Tommy.  They live in Maryland, so I haven’t had an opportunity to meet him yet, but I wanted to send him a little something to welcome him to the world!


 I couldn’t help but make another zig-zag quilt especially since Alison is into chevrons.  And because Alison and I share a deep love for Halloween, I decided to make a dark and stormy Halloween-style quilt with some greys, purples, aquas, and smoky teals to compliment some of the print fabrics I chose from the Tula Nightshade and Ghastlies lines.  Image



Here are some close-ups of some of the prints:





I backed the quilt with ash Kona cotton and made a strip in the middle out of some leftover pieces I trimmed off of the quilt top and some solid strips.  This was just an experiment at first to see if I could make use of scraps, but I was really happy with how it turned out and wanted to incorporate it into the backing!




I was so happy to wrap this quilt up and send it on its way today. I hope I have the opportunity to meet Mr. Peter very soon!


And a quick garden update…check out this purple carrot!



And these delicious golden beets from the garden that I ate for dinner the other night!




Summer is good. 


3 thoughts on “a dark and stormy quilt for peter, and more veggies!

  1. I hope Peter likes Halloween as much as you and Alison. I’m sure he will after getting such a cute quilt. I’m jealous of your ability to grow golden beets!

    • Pretty sure Peter will love Halloween just by virtue of the fact that he shares Alison’s genetic material. 🙂 And they were quite small, but still very delicious. Let’s see how the fall/winter crop turns out!

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