thanksgiving, a.k.a. eat lots of pie day

my poor neglected blog.  looks like the time-intensive and forever disappointing job market has taken away yet another thing i enjoy.  grrr…

but on a more optimistic note, PIE!!!  around the holidays, my cousin cori and i often get into a text messaging frenzy about this very important topic.  “what kind(s) of pie are you making this time?”  “what is your favorite combination of apples to use in the caramel apple pie?” “have you roasted your own pumpkin for pumpkin pie before and, if so, is it worth the extra time?”  if only we didn’t live so many miles away so we could bake together!

this year, i was determined to make a pie from the 1966 better homes and gardens “pies and cakes” cookbook that i picked up at an antique shop last summer.


this book has all of those great cool whip-based pie recipes that my granny loved, and i decided to try out the whipped pumpkin pie recipe.  the recipe called for strange things like packets of vanilla-flavored whipped topping mix, and with my mom’s help, i was able to piece it together.  we decided that an essential ingredient is this item:


one of my favorite pies as a kid featured dream whip and syrupy cherries, so i was excited to use this magical product in a pie of my own.  it did not disappoint.  look at this lovely mound of dream whip, pumpkin, and spices (and of course i had to use my grandmother’s pyrex bowl since baking from this cookbook so reminds me of her):


then i folded in some fresh whipped cream, put it all into a homemade graham cracker crust, and chilled!  voila!  a pumpkiny delight that tastes like pumpkin pie and whipped cream all together in one fluffy dessert.


pair it with some of these stand-bys and you’ve got yourself a nap-inducing thanksgiving meal:



and…the husband approves!


hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

up next: holiday gifts!  my mom and spent an entire day working on some amazing gifts for some of our favorite people (and the cats even got in on it).  can’t wait to share photos!


4 thoughts on “thanksgiving, a.k.a. eat lots of pie day

  1. Dream Whip…that sure brought back memories. My mom used it freely and more than a few desserts she made included Dream Whip. Many of her gelatin salads had a Dream Whip topping. There was always a box or two of Dream Whip in the cabinets. What wouldn’t I give a eat some of her “Cherry Delight” now (cream cheese, Dream Whip, cherry pie filling and a graham cracker crust).

    • Judy, Cherry Delight was the Dream Whip-based pie that I loved as a kid! I know it probably won’t quite taste like your mom’s version, but I might have to have my mom make us one for Christmas. Ever since I made this pie at Thanksgiving, I’ve been craving it!

  2. My mom beat me to it! As soon as I saw Dream Whip, I was transported to my grandma’s kitchen. It’s soooo much better than Cool Whip. I actually have a few packets of my own stowed away. Partly for the in-case scenario and partly because I’m terrified they’ll stop making it and I won’t own any! Thanks for the memories. I’d love the recipe!

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