Happy holidays!

I leave tomorrow morning to go back to WV for the holidays.  So excited to leave my dissertation behind for a few days and spend time with the fam.  I am planning to defend in March and graduate next term, so I don’t foresee much time crafting or blogging in my future.  I did manage to get a little holiday crafting in when my mom came up to visit after Thanksgiving.  I can’t post many photos until ater the holiday except for the gifts I made for my derby teammates since I handed them out at our first bout of the season which was earlier this month.  My team colors are black, silver, and lime green, so I made some festive brooches for my favorite ladies in green with glitter, star, vintage button, and feather embellishments.


My mom and I sprayed the glittery pieces with clear acrylic to prevent them from shedding (though my DFunk teammates are not strangers to glitter, and in fact that’s one of our cheers…”All guts, All gitter!”).  Here are some close-ups of the pins:




We made circular felt backgrounds fortified with thick interfacing in the middle (sewn around the edges to sandwich the interfacing between the 2 circles of felt), and attached all of the elements with a combination of needle and thread and E-6000 heavy duty craft glue (that stuff is amazing!).  Once the pins dried and were ready for packaging, I realized I didn’t have a bunch of small boxes to put them in, so…I made them!  I took some Martha Stewart Halloween craft paper with silver glitter, green skeletons, and other festive and derby-appropriate designs, and went to town using a paper box tutorial I found online.  A few nights later, all boxes were assembled and gifts ready to go!


Festive boxes with glittery brooches make the DFunk Allstars quite happy, it turns out.

I’m excited to share the rest of my homemade holiday gifts, but until then, I leave you with some photos of the last harvest from the garden.  So excited- the cold frame extended my growing season by 2 months (and the carrots LOVE the cold weather).




3 thoughts on “Happy holidays!

    • Aw! Me too!!! Can’t wait to get back to a more normal schedule so I can start posting up again! And man oh man, it’s going to be even better with this new beast of a machine! I am still glowing.

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