Dr. Mad Crafter, resurfacing from my cave

You know what happens when you have to finish, defend, revise, and submit your dissertation?  You grab several boxes of hard candy and descend deep into your cave.  Once there, you write…and write…and crunch on lots of gobstoppers to satisfy your nervous energy.  And then finally, after months of toil, you hit “save”, send it to your dissertation committee members, and cross your fingers.  You put on a fancy suit (with your sparkly, lime green derby shorts on underneath to make you feel like a superhero), answer a bunch of difficult questions, and at the end, your brilliant mentors hug you and congratulate you on becoming a doctor.  And then, finally, you resurface.

And you get to start sewing and cooking and playing roller derby and blogging and being a person again!  I began this process of resuming all of my favorite things by happily taking on a sewing request from one of my dearest friends, Sarah, who is just a few weeks from giving birth and wanted a maternity dress from some beautiful, summery lightweight fabric that she had purchased.  The only problem was that I had never altered a dress pattern before, especially one for someone whose body is providing a temporary home for a new little one!  But I was very excited to accept the challenge, and I was so happy to see Sarah walk out of my house today wearing her new dress.


Here she is with her son, Sam, who has become good friends with our kitty, Harper.  Sam likes to bring Harper “cat crackers” (cat nip) that we have growing in the yard.



And here is the back of the dress.  I am so honored that Sarah entrusted me with her gorgeous fabric, and I am so happy that after a few fittings and adjustments I was able to turn that fabric into something that so well suits the vibrant spirit of my beautiful friend.

Up next: some baby quilts (I bet you can guess who one is for!), a wedding gift, and perhaps I will finally finish The Pirate’s Daughter quilt!


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