Life in Texas

That’s right.  Apparently I only blog around milestones…last time about graduating, and now about getting a job and moving half a country away!  I had settled into the idea of living another year in Michigan, teaching a few classes for not much pay and going on the job market again.  And then it happened.  A job call for an amazing position popped up on a listserv, I sent in my materials, 5 days later I was offered the job as a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas, and about 3 weeks after that my husband, 3 cats, and I arrived at our new home in Austin, TX!

One of the most wonderful parts about living here is that I am so very close to my cousin Tommy, his wife Melissa, and their 4 incredible children.  My mom and niece came down for Thanksgiving and we drove over to Tommy and Melissa’s beautiful home and stayed for a few days for the holiday.  We got to meet these guys!



The goat’s name is Foxy, and her tiniest of muzzles feels like velvet when she eats grain out of your hands.  I got to take part in egg harvesting and making sure all of the chickens were in the coop the first night I was there.  Conclusion: I need more chickens and goats in my life.

I was in a rush before I left to finish a quilt for the newest member of Tommy and Melissa’s family, the lovely miss Cora, who is a mere few months old!  I had all but the binding hand-stitched, and that turned out to be a perfect activity to do around the fire after our bellies were full of delicious eats on Thanksgiving.  I had so much fun with this quilt!  I used a sawtooth star pattern and fabric from Heather Ross’ Playing Horses line as the center squares.



Here are a couple shots of the quilt with my cousins’ beautiful property in the background:




One of the most fun parts of this trip was getting to sew with Melissa.  She has been wanting to sew for a while, so I brought one of my machines with me for us to play.  Not only did she learn how to work it like a pro, but we were able to finish an entire project in just an hour or so!  Melissa had been wanting to turn some of her feedbags into tote bags for Christmas gifts.  Look how great it turned out!



Foxy approves.


Melissa generously sent me home with some feedbags of my own so that I could transform them, and I left my machine for her to continue playing.  She made 2 more super-cute bags in no time!  So proud of her, and so happy to be closer to my crafty cousin.  I look forward to many future sewing adventures.

Another wonderful sewing experience from the weekend was quilting with my niece Amelia.  As I was finishing up Cora’s quilt, Amelia grabbed some leftover batting and my scrap basket and began to create a work of her own.  Made her auntie so proud!  Love that girl so much.  I haven’t uploaded the photos yet, so I will save them for next time.

Okay, I know this post is long, but one more thing…tonight is my first night skating with my new derby team, The Hell Marys of the Texas Rollergirls.  So excited!!!  More soon!



3 thoughts on “Life in Texas

  1. Love, love, love the quilt!!! It’s perfect for your first Texas quilt project!

    The tote bags are awesome, too! I think your cousin has a knack for that sewing stuff!

    Okay! I’m going to stop talking in exclamation points now!

    • Yay! I thought so too. Cowgirls and star design just felt appropriate. And yes, she picked right up on it. Those Melissa’s are smart and crafty. 🙂 Exclamation points are all the rage!!!! Thanks for always being such a wonderful supporter of my crafty pursuits, Melissa. I miss you!

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