A Dragonfly Hat for Haley

After some relaxing time off for the holidays with my family, Casey and I returned to Austin to settle back in to Texas life.  The month of January, however, brought with it some difficult news.  My brother’s girlfriend, Haley, was diagnosed with lymphoma.  My heart was heavy for Haley, and also for my brother, who almost two years ago to the day sat next to my father when he received a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer and passed away only three weeks later. Haley’s prognosis was very dire at first, but the more her doctors learned about her situation, the more hopeful they were about treating her.  I am so happy to share that her tumors have reduced in size.  For now we breath a little easier…

Haley was very concerned about losing her hair, and I wondered if knitting her a hat might bring comfort.  I began looking up hat patterns.  I got goosebumps when one of the first patterns I found was the Dragonflies Hat.  The thing is, my dad had an affinity for dragonflies.  He told me that American Indians believe that dragonflies are the souls of the dead and that they visit us during difficult times to help guide us.  I remember him working on a case that he was so passionate about because he wanted to bring justice to a severely injured client, and he was visited by three dragonflies the day before the verdict was delivered in his client’s favor.  On top of all of this, the pattern specified that the dragonfly represents strength, courage, and victory in Japanese mythlore.  Clearly, this was the hat for Haley!

I chose a cashmere blend that was hand-dyed by a local artisan that would feel warm and soft against her skin.  And I tried to charge that hat with superpowers with every knit and purl!  Check out the wing pattern:


ImageHaley says it is her favorite hat that she has received.  I hate being so far away while my brother and Haley endure this trial, but I was so happy that this small measure could help remind Haley that she is loved and supported from afar.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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