A quilt for my buddy Rylan

The move to Austin, TX, has been wonderful so far.  I love my job at University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Teaching and Learning, and have learned so much from my new leaguemates, the Texas Rollergirls.  The winters are so mild here, and the food so delicious.  And as if that isn’t enough, Austin is such a great place that family and friends like to come and visit!  Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing my dear cousin, Cori.  This brave mama flew from California with her 3.5-year-old, Declan, and her 3-month-old, Rylan.  I was so excited to meet the very-new-to-this-world Rylan and gift him with a quilt.


Rylan and I were fast friends.  Here we are bonding as we wait for the bats to emerge from under the S. Congress bridge in downtown Austin.




Here’s a shot with the whole fam…Cori and Rylan on the left, me, and then Cori’s sis Shanti with Charlie the dog, and Shanti’s partner Michael hanging with super-cute Declan in the foreground.  I had such a great evening with these lovely people.


Cori said that Declan has been very generous to share his quilt! I was excited for Rylan to have his very own.  I usually have to mail quilts to their new owners, so it was really fun to give this one to Rylan in person!  



Cori and I have similar taste in colorways and patterns, so I simply gravitated towards my favorite fabrics (especially Tula Pink’s Indigo Dew Drops from the Prince Charming Line) and this herringbone/chevron design that I had seen popping up on a few quilting blogs and really wanted to try.




As I was finishing the quilt and trying to find something that worked well for the back, I received a package of fabric from my wonderful Aunt Judy that contained the perfect backing fabric!  I tell ya, she is a mind reader.




I got word from Cori after she returned home that the quilt fit into Rylan’s room very nicely, and that the boys were enjoying it.




This, right here, is what quilting is all about.  

Much love to my sweet cousins!  



4 thoughts on “A quilt for my buddy Rylan

  1. I love Rylan’s quilt – both the fabrics and pattern. I like that there’s a bit of me in the quilt because the backing is perfect for the quilt. You’re way ahead of me; I bought fabric for Rylan’s quilt when Cori was five or six months pregnant and I haven’t even cut the first block. I”m making myself finish piecing two charity quilt before I start a fun quilt.

    • Thank you, Aunt Judy! And I love that there is a bit of you in that quilt too. The timing was impeccable! I couldn’t believe my luck. That fabric was the missing piece. 🙂 And I still have so many friends and family members having babies that I am on a steady stream of baby quilts and will be for a while. I’ve got Payden’s done except for the binding, and my cousin Katrina just had her new little one yesterday, so his is next!

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