A championship, a quilt, a tote, and some dice bags

So, something pretty cool happened since the last time I posted…my roller derby team won our championship bout!  My first year with Texas Rollergirls, and my team The Hell Marys comes out on top. What an exciting first season!



Another very exciting thing happened in the last few weeks…my great friends Karen and James welcomed their new daughter, Elena.  She is unbelievably cute, and I can’t wait to meet her.  Until then, I made her something to snuggle up with.


I used fabric from Zen Chic called “Comma” because Karen and I were in the same graduate program in English together.  We both have a love of language and reading, and I thought it best to introduce Elena to these building blocks of language early on.




My next quilting project is a pair of baby quilts for my best friends’ twins that will be arriving on November, so stay tuned!

I’ve been sewing a lot lately, and playing with a few textile, oilcloth.  I recently made a tote bag for a fundraiser for my derby team.  It was really easy to make, and super sturdy.  I have a feeling there will be more where this came from.



One last project…I love sewing gifts so much, but alas, it can be difficult to find homemade gifts that my husband will enjoy.  When he approached me and asked me if I could make some dice bags for him, I was elated!  Casey works for an amazing local comic book store that also has a board game store, art gallery, and secondhand comic store in its growing empire.  He has become the local expert on board games, and needed a snazzy set of bags to hold dice for the various games.


Look no further!  I grabbed some superhero fabric and went to work.  Casey has gotten quite a few compliments on them and suggested that maybe his store would be interested in selling some.  I made a few last weekend, and the store manager seemed interested!




Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Casey and I are saving for a trip to Nashville at the end of October for our fifth wedding anniversary, so it would be a nice little addition to our trip fund!






2 thoughts on “A championship, a quilt, a tote, and some dice bags

  1. Yahoooooooo!!!! Congrats, Mad Hatcher and the Hell Marys!

    And I love your creations! I bet those dice bags will take off. Counting the days til I see your smiling face!

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