Detroit Derby Girls quilt block

A few months ago, I caught wind of a roller derby quilt!  Its creator, Dreadnought, of the Boston Derby Dames, welcomes blocks from leagues all around the world.  I emailed her to see if Detroit had submitted a block.  In fact, DDG has not submitted a block!  So, I got to working on it asap.

Here is what I came up with:

I wanted to incorporate a ton of patchwork because or league is made up of such a diverse group of women and I thought combining a number of small pieces could be one way of demonstrating that.  All of the little pieces are 1-inch x 2-inch.

For the center and some of the pieces with DDG wording on them, I cut up one of our league bandanas.

The other fabrics were just all from my stash- maybe you recognize some Tufted Tweets, Kona cotton in red, and some Birch circa 50 in there.

I also included some Alexander Henry from the Ghastlies line (one of my favorites) and some cute sushi fabrics I picked up from JoAnn years ago.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to send it off to Dreadnought this afternoon!


Another quick peek

So, here are a few more little shots of some of the gifts I’m making for the holidays:


Also, tomorrow marks DFunk’s second bout of the season!  If you’re in the Detroit area, shell out 15 bucks and come watch some awesome derby.  I have a feeling our bout against the Detroit Pistoffs is gonna be very exciting.

Oh, and I just found out today that I’m going to be on one of Detroit Derby Girls’ billboards in January!

Quilt for my mutha, part 2

Had to put my mom’s quilt on hold for a while.  But now I’m intent on finishing it asap!  Finished making all of the squares and started piecing everything together yesterday.  I’ll have to save the shots of the finished quilt top for after the holidays because I’ll be giving this quilt to my mom for Christmas!


Also, we had our Detroit Derby Girls season opener last night, and my team, The DFunk Allstars put the hurt on the Devil’s Night Dames, 195 to 49.  To be fair, the Dames lost many of its players at the end of last season and this is a rebuilding year for them.  But one of the cool parts about getting so ahead in a game is that the new folks (me!) get to play some positions they might not otherwise get to play.  So…I got to jam for the first time in a bout!  Photos coming soon!



Quilts and quilts and derby!

It’s been a long time, dear readers.  Between derby practices and family visits, I’ve been skimping on blog time.  So, time to catch up.  I finished my new little cousin’s quilt last week and mailed it out to him on Saturday.  Declan is the sweetest little guy and I can’t wait to make a trip out west to meet him.  Until then, I hope he’ll have some use for his new blankie.

In other news, I’m making a tiny bit of progress on the High Line quilt for my husband.  I got a few new colors of Kona cotton and mixed them in.  And I also got some light grey quilter’s linen for the sashing that basically creates the window casings.  I have almost completed two of the windows now.

I’m so happy with it.  All I want to do is finish piecing it!  Can’t wait to see how it all looks when I’ve put the whole top together.  Then I have to decided how to quilt the thing.  Feel free to make suggestions.

I had such a great time with my mom and mother-in-law who came to visit this weekend.  My mother-in-law bought me a bag of beautiful already-pieced dresden squares from an antique shop that showcase the most amazing variety of vintage fabrics.  I can’t wait to iron them out and post some pictures.

Besides shopping and eating delicious food, the fam also came up to attend my derby bout!  I played with our league’s B-level travel team, the Motor City Dissasembly Line.  We lost to Tri-City Rollers from Ontario by only 12 points.  I’d probably be disappointed by the loss, but I had so much with my team and our awesome managers, and we did come back from a 60-point deficit at the half, so I can’t be too upset.  Will post pictures from the bout soon!

Muffy’s helmet

When I started doing roller derby, I noticed all of the fancy designs on people’s helmets.  Most had adorned their helmets with stickers, some had ordered pricey decals.  I thought, why can’t I just get some paint and design my own helmet?  So, I hit up Michaels for some acrylic enamel paint, and went to town.  Since then, I’ve had a few admirers (yay!) and recently had one of the ladies in my league ask if I could paint her name on the back of her helmet because the stickers she was using kept peeling off every time she took the jammer helmet covers off and on.  This was the result:

Because Muffy’s name connotes a mafia persona, I chose a font a Godfather-style font called Corleone.   Muffy expressed an interest in incorporating the logo from The Sopranos in the design as well, so I added the gun icon on each side of the name in gold.

I’ve got more helmet orders on the horizon, so I’ll be posting those designs as well…and maybe some of my own, which is still, unsurprisingly, a work in progress.

Back from Toronto!

Settling back in after an awesome trip to Toronto, and have many things to share!  First off, if you ever go to Toronto, you have to check out The Workroom .  It’s the coolest space, and the owner has an awesome blog too.  The fabric selection at The Workroom was incredible and I invested most of my vacation spending money on fabric there.  First of all, I have looked online everywhere for fat quarters of Alexander Henry’s Ghastlies line, and have had no luck.  But no worries because The Workroom had plenty of them for sale!  So exciting.  I selected a few and plan to make a Halloween quilt around them next year.

Here is an closer shot of one of the prints.  So Edward Gorey-inspired and I love it.

While I’m at it, here are some other fabrics I picked up at The Workroom.  Some heavyweight fabric- a couple of Denyse Schmidt’s design, and a Japanese fabric.

And then I got a few other prints to go with an orange Heather Ross Mendocino print (the one with the octopi on it) that I’ve been hoarding.

I also purchased some Kona cotton fat quarters to fill in a spectrum of colors that I’m using in a quilt for my husband, but I’m gonna post up about that another day!

Finally, I had the chance to see some awesome derby while I was in Toronto.

Toronto Roller Derby’s travel team, CN Power, played Queen City’s Lafe Effect Furies.  I always love seeing derby design ideas because the grassroots nature of roller derby teams seems to lend itself to an edgy design aesthetic that appeals to me.  Here are logos for a few of ToRD’s home teams:

CN Power didn’t manage to pull it against the Furies, but everyone seems happy to head to the afterparty.

So, Toronto = hanging out with the husband, great crafts, and awesome derby.  Makes for a pretty nice little trip.

CN Power!

Tomorrow morning my husband and I are heading to Toronto for our much-belated honeymoon.  In preparation, I skimmed over one of Toronto’s weekly publications, NOW, and discovered that Toronto Roller Derby’s premier travel team, CN Power, is playing a doubleheader bout this weekend in Toronto!  Minutes later, I had procured tickets.  Excited for travels, and to see some derby in another country!

Also, I’ve been hearing about Cardinal Skate Co. in Toronto, a skate shop that actually has a selection of products for roller derby (most skate shops are usually just for skateboarding).  So, I’ll definitely be checking that out in the hope of finding some new skates for my birthday that’s in a month or so.  (Dear readers, birthday gifts in the form of money donations for skates will be accepted with smiles, excitement, and much gratitude).

Our B-level travel team for Detroit Derby Girls, called the Motor City Disassembly Line, will be playing a different Ontario team, the Tri-City Roller Girls, in late September.  Roster is being determined soon and I hope I’m on it!